Going to the mattresses

A pile of old mattresses and box springs lay in a pile in the trees beside the highway

Taking a rest day on purpose is not easy for me. My brain knows it’s good for me, and I should recognize that I deserve it, but emotionally I always feel like I’m one rest day away from falling back into a deeply unhealthy lifestyle.

Bathroom beaker plant at Star Hill’s Richmond location

And the award for best tech headline of the year goes to…


Finding good bib shorts for cycling is frustrating; it’s hard to know how well they fit/work until you’ve used them multiple times on your typical type of ride, but it’s pretty costly to experiment. So I’ve ended up with a number of bibs where most are kind of okay and 2 are excellent.

No smoking at golden hour

Parts of a table and cardboard stacked on a pallet placed on a loading dock. A “no smoking” sign is on the wall

Finally ate at Beauvine after a recommendation, and it’s solid! Tasty burger, nice beverages, nice vibe!

Valerie’s turn to take the kids to swimming, so am I going on another bike ride? You bet your hindquarters!

And now it seems my old rear wheel won’t hold air either. Sealant lightly burbling out of two spoke nipples, making me think they weren’t taped well when the shop set them up a couple years ago 😐

Related: I have the worst luck with tires.

Using a GRTC bike rack for the first time time since I caught an unpluggable slit in my rear tire on the way back into the city 🤦‍♂️

Trampoline parks, especially for kids’ parties, are overwhelming.

Some seriously loud bangs in the Northside a few minutes ago, like…shotgun blasts? Backfiring car? Seemed louder than a gunshot, but not sure what it is/was.

Ugh, is there really no bike route out to/past Mechanicsville that doesn’t put me on a 4 lane road for a segment or two?

Trying to string together something like Northside > Mechanicsville > RIC > Cap Trail back into the city, and all options look kinda crummy.

Not me trying to play it cool standing behind my congressional representative while waiting for a Girl Scouts event to start 😜

I’ve always enjoyed James Hoffmann’s videos for their information and instruction, delivered with enthusiasm, entertainment, and no judgement. His latest is quite different—an artful, visual contemplation of what makes a “great” cup of coffee: youtu.be/IkssYHTSp…

Slowly, sporadically formulating a working theory in my head about how our perceived bright spots in creative media mask and/or distract from things we normally dislike.

E.g. instrumental skill covering up Ben Folds’ off-pitch vocals.

I know I’ve somewhat cartoonishly become a local “bike guy”, but in reality I feel like I’m becoming somethingng worse, something darker.

I’m becoming outdoorsy.

Rode a little on the new contra-flow bike lane on Norfolk Ave. in Scott’s Addition this afternoon. So glad to have that, but would be much happier if it at least had pylons or better, given the high speed one-way traffic in the other direction.

How am I a magnet for local media? Just had to politely decline an RTD reporter who knocked on my door asking about traffic on Chamberlayne.

I’ve been in the paper for comments on Scott’s Addition, CBS6 talking about my council person, and several other times in the past for a variety of reasons :-P

Man, I’m glad I have an indoor trainer so I can keep up my riding fitness/saddle toughness, but this rain has me starting to haaaaaaate indoor riding. No amount of variety in Zwift can replace even the most mundane route around town.

If you look really close, you’ll notice a li’l skelly riding in the back.

A pink Cadillac hearse with a fake skeleton in the back

I figure I should start posting some of my ride photos on here, too.

A shipping container with the word “slay” graffiti’d on the side

So…turns out there’s overwhelming support for the Richmond Ivy women’s soccer team on its opening night. I’m super happy to see this level of enthusiasm, but kinda bummed I underestimated it because we couldn’t get in 🙃

Crossed 3000 miles for the year (so far) on the ol’ bike this week.