Oh, yeah, no. I love when a neighbor half a block away selfishly blasts music over a PA for a party in their backyard. Yeah, seriously - my favorite is when it continues and gets louder after 8 PM when my kids are trying to go to bed. It’s seriously the best.

Not quite halfway through June, and I just realized that I crossed 4000 miles for the year so far 😳

That’s uh…that’s a lot more riding than I expected (last year’s total was just over 6500).

Ride Photos on a Gorgeous June Day

bicycle decorated with doll parts and bones all over the wheels and frame

I was pretty tired today but the weather is incredible: dry, breezy, and sunny. So of course I went riding, but I wanted to take it easy. No pressure to get any distance or elevation, and why not take my DSLR? I was near immediately rewarded by the above sight—a bike absolutely dripping with character (and bones and doll parts).

Otherwise, I just sort of meandered around neighborhoods and through alleyways, not working too hard, taking the occasional photo. A good time was had by me!

trees on a small island in the middle of the pond in Byrd Park a sun relief sculpture on the side of a garage in an alleyway a shiny silver bull sculpture on the roof of an investment company office old band saw and drill press in front of a garage door

The Arches of Ploaf

The CSX A-Line Bridge with concrete arches crossing the James River, viewed from the Nickel Bridge in Richmond, VA

I’m such a Jersey Shore mook that when I saw a license plate with “PZNAPLE” today I thought it meant “paisan apple”.

On my ride through Richmond’s Southside this morning, the stretch of Warwick between Hopkins and Bells smelled like a hot diaper.

Just saw somebody hit one of those “Stop for Pedestrians” signs with their minivan in a Target parking lot while I was unlocking my bike 😬

Impressions from an Evening Bike Ride in Late Spring

CSX freight train leaving Acca Yard in Richmond, VA

I was in my favorite cocktail bar celebrating the felony conviction of a former president while rain fell elsewhere in town: the sort of pop-up showers that soak this neighborhood or that for a few minutes while leaving the next block over completely dry. After settling up I kept riding around the city enjoying a mild spring evening while my wife had the kids at swimming, and I started to notice patches of wet asphalt and a few small puddles. Not enough to wish I had fenders, but enough to fill the air with the pleasant smell of petrichor.

These days at the end of the week, the end of May, the end of our children’s school year, are considerably drier than the last couple of weeks. Even the brief rain couldn’t change that. So I rode aimlessly through Richmond while I had the time, enjoying this vernal aroma and cool breeze that preceded the sunset, before heading home. They can’t all be this good, but I’m glad I get a handful of rides like this every now and then.

I don’t give a shit about what happens on appeal or with SCOTUS (okay, I really, really do), for today? I’m celebrating the conviction of one of America’s most odious politicians. Trump the felon. He wears it so well!

Going to the mattresses

A pile of old mattresses and box springs lay in a pile in the trees beside the highway

Taking a rest day on purpose is not easy for me. My brain knows it’s good for me, and I should recognize that I deserve it, but emotionally I always feel like I’m one rest day away from falling back into a deeply unhealthy lifestyle.

Bathroom beaker plant at Star Hill’s Richmond location

And the award for best tech headline of the year goes to…


Finding good bib shorts for cycling is frustrating; it’s hard to know how well they fit/work until you’ve used them multiple times on your typical type of ride, but it’s pretty costly to experiment. So I’ve ended up with a number of bibs where most are kind of okay and 2 are excellent.

No smoking at golden hour

Parts of a table and cardboard stacked on a pallet placed on a loading dock. A “no smoking” sign is on the wall

Finally ate at Beauvine after a recommendation, and it’s solid! Tasty burger, nice beverages, nice vibe!

Valerie’s turn to take the kids to swimming, so am I going on another bike ride? You bet your hindquarters!

And now it seems my old rear wheel won’t hold air either. Sealant lightly burbling out of two spoke nipples, making me think they weren’t taped well when the shop set them up a couple years ago 😐

Related: I have the worst luck with tires.

Using a GRTC bike rack for the first time time since I caught an unpluggable slit in my rear tire on the way back into the city 🤦‍♂️

Trampoline parks, especially for kids’ parties, are overwhelming.

Some seriously loud bangs in the Northside a few minutes ago, like…shotgun blasts? Backfiring car? Seemed louder than a gunshot, but not sure what it is/was.

Ugh, is there really no bike route out to/past Mechanicsville that doesn’t put me on a 4 lane road for a segment or two?

Trying to string together something like Northside > Mechanicsville > RIC > Cap Trail back into the city, and all options look kinda crummy.

Not me trying to play it cool standing behind my congressional representative while waiting for a Girl Scouts event to start 😜

I’ve always enjoyed James Hoffmann’s videos for their information and instruction, delivered with enthusiasm, entertainment, and no judgement. His latest is quite different—an artful, visual contemplation of what makes a “great” cup of coffee: youtu.be/IkssYHTSp…