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Davvero Gelato

My family was heading to Lakeside for an errand on Sunday that was expected to include a visit from the Kona Ice truck. The kids were looking forward to it, but it never showed—likely because of the on-and-off rain in the Richmond area throughout the day. On the way to our errand, however, we noticed a sign for a new gelateria in The Hub shopping center at Hilliard and Lakeside Ave. We decided to check it out, and found ourselves at Davvero Gelato. They were technically operating a pop-up out of their front door since they’re not yet open for business, but they do expect to open up shop in the near future.

SWEET FANCY MOSES this is delicious stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m an aficionado or anything, certainly no expert, but I’ve had my fair share of tasty Italian ice cream both here in The States and in various Italian cities. I know what I like in flavor and texture, and Davvero has it absolutely dialed in. I had my go-to pistachio, and I think it may be some of the best I’ve ever had? The gelato had just the right amount of salt to put it over the top. Glad I didn’t gorge on even more of it!

I tasted all the other available flavors except my daughter’s mango (I’m one of those folks who thinks it tastes like cleaning solution, unfortunately), and they were fantastic. My son’s cookie dough and my wife’s strawberry—another absolute standout. And then we found out everything they produce is vegan - not a drop of dairy milk! I’m not vegan, but I don’t need to be to enjoy food that is simply delicious. And I’m finding, increasingly, that there are vegan and dairy-free ice creams out there that are at least as good as many dairy counterparts (including the frozen magic happening with some of the vegan flavors at Ruby Scoops).

Anyway, great stuff. I’m told by Layne (the owner) that the best way to find her for now is by checking out the biz on Instagram. She’s frequently at Libbie Hill Park, among other locations, and sells her products (including nut butters and gianduia) in various local shops, such as Stella’s Markets and Outpost.