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I have wanted the SimWorks Fun 3 Bar for like 6 months, but it’s been sold out on the US website for ages. On a lark, I decided to check whether the main Japanese website would ship to the US. Turns out they do! The shipping is kinda hefty (I mean, it is international FedEx for an oddly shaped object), but the price was lower enough that I still came out a dollar cheaper than the pre-shipping cost in the US store!

I think most of the time I’d probably go straight through the US store, but I feel like I got away with something here. I’m just glad to have the new bar, though!

Side note: I got this particular bar to replace the cool-as-hell-but-super-heavy-and-super-stiff Klunker Bar from Velo Orange. I’m hoping the shallower grip angle and slightly less stiff bar helps keep some of the soreness out of my wrists and hands on longer rides. I’ll add the VO bar to my parts store for some future build.