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Making the Most

Stuck with an overnight trip from Richmond, VA to Wilmington, NC for the weekend so my wife can continue parenting her mom. The kids didn't get to see their grandma over Christmas for *reasons*, so at least they get a little bit of that today and tomorrow. But a 5 hour drive each way (with the minimum stops) in such a short time really takes a dump on the weekend.

I took my bike down with me and got in close to 27 miles around the supremely boring exurban sprawl that continues in Brunswick County, but at least the weather was mild and I had the time at all. I recognize how whiney this all sounds while my wife has it much worse, but all suffering is relative, and I just want some normal weekends in the near future. Weekends without worrying about work on Monday. Weekends without 80% of daylight hours already accounted for in the calendar by a variety of Girl Scouts or swimming or errands or...

Anyway, here's some old-web-style postscript: it’s 8:16 on a Saturday night. I'm wearing a comfy flannel. I'm listening to "Fantasies" by Rogue Wave on my headphones. Goodnight.