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Scenes from Meandering Around Town on a Bike

An old crow that appeared to be unable to fly in my front yard

Before my ride even got started this morning I saw this poor ol' crow chilling out in my front yard. It seemed unable to fly more than a few feet, but once it realized I wasn't going to touch/hurt it, it sort of just stayed put. My wife said it seemed to have gotten away without any sign of a stray cat intervening. I hope it’s alright!

And for the second day in a row I rode my bike out to Dabney Road (light industrial/commercial area that is decidedly *not* bike friendly) because I wanted to get a shot of these old railroad tracks that trailed off into the woods. I'm pretty sure they used to connect to CSX's Acca Yard back in the day since it’s just on the other side of the road. Anyway, I saw these while rolling by on Wednesday, was stymied by overcast skies when I tried to photograph them yesterday, and finally had the light I wanted today.