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Overpriced Agritourism as Entertainment

A cardboard box filled with 7 pounds of freshly-picked strawberries sits on the ground at Mt. Olympus Farms

My wife and I *love* pick-your-own-fruit farms as fun, seasonal outings. Yeah, we're paying a lot per pound and *we* provide some of the harvesting labor, but it's ultimately a fun excuse to get everybody outside and a whole bunch of fruit all in one shot. This past weekend we took the kids and my mother-in-law to Mt. Olympus Farm for strawberry picking. There are a number of berry patches in the region, but this was the first where, upon stepping into the field, we were overwhelmed with the smell of strawberries. It’s pretty dang tasty fruit, with ample supply of ripe, fragrant, delicious gems.

My wife crouches down to pick strawberries at Mt. Olympus Farm

Of course, when you find a pick-your-own farm with a large quantity of high-quality fruit, you actually don't spend a whole lot of time there. We picked way too many berries in the span of about 30 minutes! But it was still fun, and the weather was beautiful. I'm already looking forward to returning later in the summer for blueberries.

My son marvels at a massive strawberry he collected at Mt. Olympus Farm