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Riding on the Menomonee River Line

My bike leaning up against bridge railing over the Menomonee River in Wauwatosa, WI

Here are a few unremarkable photos from my ride on the Oak Leaf Trail in Milwaukee County, WI. I rode a healthy chunk of the Menomonee River Line while exploring Wauwatosa, where my sister-in-law lives with her family. The whole trail network seems incredible, and I fully intend to bring my bike every time I return to Wisconsin so I can explore more of this system. I was lucky to see it with enough snow to add some beauty without being so much as to interfere with my ride.

Morning light over the snowy Menomonee River (with a little bit of trash here and there).

The entire trail was paved and pretty well maintained, with enough winding pathways and river crossings through the landscape to keep it interesting.

The Menomonee River with stone retaining wall viewed from a bridge

My favorite part was the Hoyt Park Footbridge, which I think was a WPA project:

The Hoyt Park Footbridge over the Menomonee River