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Maine Day 4 Film Photos

The top of the Portland Head Light (lighthouse) in Maine

And here's the final post of my film shots from the Maine trip. If you read the proper blog post for that day then you’ll remember it was the Portland day. I don't have any photos of the incredible bagels or coffee I consumed, but I still managed to snag some goodies along the way.

Tandem Coffee Roasters' cafe in a repurposed service station in Portland, ME.

Tandem was, of course, a highlight of the day because of its thematic resemblance to Richmond's own Lamplighter (bike themed, first cafe in an old service station, etc.).

Of course, Tandem is all about the two-person bike, not the tall bike. But you get the idea. Really missing that pistachio cake I ate there. Chef's kiss, man.

After hitting one more coffee stop we drove to the south end of Casco Bay to Fort Williams Park so we could check out the Portland Head Light. I loved this park so much.

Portland Head Light and house on the cliffs at Casco Bay in Portland, ME.

And we headed back to into town for one more coffee stop which we enjoyed in Post Office Park while a busker played the harp.

A busker plays a harp in Post Office Park in Portland, ME.

Everything from this day was shot on a roll of Lomography Color 400. I think I let this film age a bit too much as its saturation and contrast bumped up a bit too high for my taste, but that last photo still managed to retain some natural-is skin tones and dynamic range. Anyway, as I’ve said before - I didn't got to Maine for the sake of photography, but I'm going to bring a camera with me wherever I travel, and these three days' worth of photos are exactly why. The memories are truly great, but the images provide that extra reference, texture, and detail to my recollection.

I head to Charleston, SC for an anniversary weekend with my wife this coming Friday and I'm sure I'll fire off at least a roll or two while I'm down there. We’ll see whether I get anything worth sharing :-D