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Starting Up Binky


Today I realized it was over SEVEN years ago that my friend Phil introduced me to Project Binky (itself having started summer of 2013), the baffling and exciting car project from Bad Obsession Motorsport in the UK. This marked the first time I subscribed to a YouTube channel and, because the videos were nearly always longer than 20 minutes, also marked the first time I started treating YouTube videos like other screen entertainment. Ultimately, this series probably fits under the heading of "competence porn" wherein you watch highly skilled people perform highly skilled work that’s presented in an engaging format. Over the years my YouTube subs have certainly grown to include a whole lot of that.

At any rate, yesterday these two blokes from Bedford dropped episode 36 in which they fired up the engine for the first time. The series isn't over (I could see there being at least 2 or 3 episodes more), but I think we're nearing the finish line. It’s been a helluva thing to watch a project of this scope (the complete restoration and enhancement of an old Mini while at the same time retrofitting it with a fully restored and enhanced Toyota Celica drivetrain!!!) from the start up to this point.

I'm not even a "car person", for what it’s worth. So if you like watching skilled people do impressive stuff with some dry British humour laced throughout, give it a peek.