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Gatlinburg-ish, Epilogue

Sorry, no photos this time. Not much to photograph from the driver's seat all day :-P

If you’re one of the few people that regularly reads my blog, you know I haven't written consistently for years. I certainly never do this sort of day-by-day travel diary. I wanted to try something different for a couple of reasons:

  1. I take a lot of photos of my travels and activities, but I don't usually record much more than that. As I get older and think about activities I share with my family, I want to remember more about it than a handful of my choicest visuals. This doesn't mean a thorough, super accurate recollection of every day; my details will be pre-filtered by my moods and sense of what's important at a given time. I just want more data, so to speak. I want to remember some more about what we did, how it felt, and the impact some choices had on a given day or the rest of the trip.
  2. Speaking of those photos: I usually only post my best pictures online when I can help it. If it’s on Flickr, or gets its own post here on the blog, it’s because I’ve been super picky about my own work. Most of the pictures I shared these past few days are unremarkable (I do like a few quite a bit), but they do capture a lot of what I enjoyed in Tennessee. They may not be my best photographs, but I think they're pretty good vacation shots. And I still want to share those as detail and/or context for the perambulating words I write each day of the trip.

So today we packed everything back in the car and headed home. I feel like I’ve been driving all day for 5 days, and I'm actually looking forward to staying home for a while. Travel is great, but travel often reminds us how much we love home (super original and profound, to be sure). And I love home.

Happy to be back in Richmond, Virginia for a while, and looking forward to my Maine trip next month.