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My custom pair of sneakers with "Ploafstar" embroidered on the outside!

At seven years old, my daughter is thoughtful enough to come up with an idea for a birthday gift that I truly love. Not just in the "aww, my kid gave me a gift" sort of way, which is still valid and wonderful. I mean in the "wow, I LOVE this, it is something I have always wanted" category. My wife helped take it over the top, but essentially, my daughter wanted to get me a pair of Converse All Stars for my birthday at the beginning of the month. My wife suggested making it a custom pair. I think you probably figured that out from the photo above.

I was super happy with Converse's configurator tool, and I'm pretty impressed with how accurately the preview during the entire build process represented the real, final product on my feet. They cost a bit more than an "off the rack" pair of Chucks and, for that reason, I’ve never really pulled the trigger on buying a pair. But I have played with the configurator many times in recent years. My daughter's gift idea was the perfect excuse to finally go for it :-D