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"Pill Millipede" by Srikanth Vk. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

I got kicked out of bed at 6:20 this morning by my four-year-old, so I went to sit on the toilet and catch up on Twitter for a few minutes. Then my almost-seven-year-old walks in on me in the bathroom and immediately launches into a hypothesis: "I have a guess. I think that centipedes are arachnids because they have more than 6 legs."

"That’s a good guess," I say, "but almost all arachnids have specifically 8 legs." So I looked up what centipedes are (Chilopoda) and we had a nice little chat about it (all while I'm still on the toilet, naturally). Then I found myself in a Wikipedia rabbit hole looking up the related classes under the sub-phylum Myriapoda ("10,000 feet"), including millipedes and such. That included such nifty little buds like the pill millipede in the photograph above. No, those aren’t pill bugs, but are so named because of the resemblance. True pill bugs, oddly enough, are land crustaceans! But that’s a rabbit hole for another morning on the toilet.