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Notes from a mostly sleepless night camping with my kid

10:30 PM - contemplated how lovely the weather was for sleeping outside

10:35 PM - realized that no spot on the ground is ever as flat as I think it is

10:45 PM - wondered how long I would be awake before my body gave up and fell asleep

11:05 PM - realized that the periodic thwacking sounds in the distance were dads in another campsite playing cornhole a few campsites over

11:58 PM - wondered if I could, undetected, slash the tires on the trucks belonging to the inconsiderate dads still playing cornhole and cheering loudly late into the night

01:30 AM - my body, wondering why I'm still awake, decides this is when I need to leave the tent to use the bathroom

03:00 AM - got to see/hear my daughter laugh in her sleep

04:00 AM - realized my bet against needing the rain fly on my tent was wrong

04:05 AM - realized I could put the rain fly on the tent by myself in about 60 seconds

04:07 AM - rain intensifies, making the early morning interruption worthwhile

06:40 AM - woke up stiff and bleary-eyed to a beautiful, cool morning that made up for most of the night