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Homemade Peanut Butter

Unless you're extremely online, you may not know how easy it is to make your own dang bespoke GIFs from video using Giphy.

Say you lost your mind laughing when Chidi Anagonye freak-out-shouted, "I SAW THE TIME KNIFE!?" and you want that feeling preserved in low-fi, looping digital amber. If you can find that moment on YouTube, for example, you're halfway there!

Giphy makes it super easy to grab just what you want and take it the rest of the way to meme-ready reaction GIF land. You can hit up their GIF Maker page, and as soon as you paste the YouTube URL into the text field, you're taken through a super simple, step-by-step (and not too many steps) process to adjust start time, loop length, and any overlaid text and graphics. Some of the adjustment sliders are a bit fidly, but in no time, you'll be ready to drop a fine non-sequitor GIF into any conversation: