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Definition of wauxke

1 : fake woke

I thought I was SOOOOOOOOoooo clever quipping this term on Twitter recently, but of course I didn't invent it. A cursory search of Twitter for this exact spelling of my not-really-neologism finds at least a few examples going back to 2016. And that says nothing of "fauxke", used the same way for at least a few years.

This reminds me of back in 2003 when I thought I'd invented "ridonkulous" (or "redonkulous" depending on your dialect) as a portmanteu of ridiculous and donkey (donkeys never really had anything to do with it, I just thought it sounded hilarous). Then I heard Tina Fey say it on SNL's Weekend Update! Then today I read about somebody else on the internet who had the same expereience! Even my memories aren't original.