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Awkward Sauce?

Last night I cooked up a package of Sausage Craft's delicious San Miniato links. This way I could cut up some slices for my kid's lunches and also have some ready to eat (only needing to warm through) for other meals. This time, I decided to brown the sausage in a little olive oil on relatively high heat before finishing in the oven, more or less braising in about 3 cups of San Marzano tomatoes. Why? Not really sure.

When the sausages were cooked through, I was left with a sauté pan full of roasted tomatoes, juice, and salty, flavorful sausage grease. I wasn't going to cook up a pot of noodles after I'd already eaten dinner, so I decided to experiment. I cooked the contents of the pan to reduce a bit of the liquid and further break down the solids, but how do I keep all that meaty flavor without an oil slick where a sauce should be?

I let the tomato mixture cool enough to drop in to my blender, and added an egg. The yolk has an emulsifying agent that should keep it all together, but we'll see how it fares tonight when I warm it up for dinner.