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Cone of Shame

I've had a photo series idea for quite some time now wherein I photograph a bunch of poeple wearing, and reacting to, a huge dog cone collar. The problem is finding subjects who don't mind being silly on camera with the potential for these goofy shots to be shared in public.

So - do you live in RVA (or will be around sometime in the next few months) and want to be part of this? I realize (and expect) that most folks who'd be willing to do this already know me and wouldn't have a problem being photographed in my house. I need to be able to set up my backdrop and lighting to do this the way I want, so I can't exactly "take this show on the road".

Get in touch if you think this would be fun. If you don't know how, use the contact form. I'll schedule some stuff, we'll take pictures, and we'll laugh about how ridiculous this is.