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So today's writing actually comes tomorrow, but seeing as I typically don't write on Saturdays, I suppose that's okay. Tonight was the perfect end cap to the week. Was I bar-hopping? Well, not really, since three places hardly qualifies as bar-hopping. But I started out with a simple bowl of cereal for dinner followed by a Perfect Manhattan at Balliceaux, a dessert and Aviation at Can Can, and some quality beer and macarons at Secco. Oh yeah, and some fine champagne to celebrate 10 years with my lovely wife (from the day I asked her out, not our wedding anniversary).

All this was welcome distraction because today was a day longer than it should have been. Fraught with issues related to misunderstandings, client demands, and catching up on slipped deadlines (which slipped because of higher priority work), I felt like Friday would never end. But it did, and it ended with a bang. Hitting several of my favorite spots in one night out with my wife and her sister, I managed to ease out of the boiling hot Friday into weekend mode. Too bad tomorrow appears to be another smoker.

Well, here's to the weekend. I'll get coffee in the morning and brunch near noon. And limited responsibility other than that. My kind of weekend.