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thirsty thursday

Sippin' on a Staropramen, absolutely blasting my music through the stereo. The Genius playlist on the Apple TV is serving me well this go 'round.

It's hot as CRAP outside today, and I wish I didn't have to go out again, but I must, so I will when dinner time rolls around. I guess I really wish it was cooler so I could use this great sunlight we have to make more photographs, but such is life.

Speaking of making photographs, I decided to get a wide-angle lens for my RZ67, especially considering I'll be traveling soon. So I'll carry 50mm and 110mm lenses with me to San Fran, the equivalent of a 24mm and 53mm lens in 35mm format, respectively. I'm really hoping to be able to get in more shooting before I go, but I tell ya; if this heat keeps up I'll be parked inside in the air conditioning.

Oh, would you look at that! My download of Lion for this laptop has finished (installed last night on the iMac), so it's time to upgrade.

(Post Script: Today I had a few THOUSAND page views from several HUNDRED unique visitors...what gives? If you're reading here for the first time, hit me with a comment. What brought you here?)