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color wash(out)

instant photo of valerie

So this is one of my first two test shots of the new PX 70 film from The Impossible Project. What better way to test out some new film than a picture of my lovely wife :-)

Technically, this is a color film. But as you can see it's fairly de-saturated. It's also a little splotchy, and this is after two days of resting. It's supposed to improve with time, and this image has, but it's clear this is both experimental and their first commercial release of the film. I have 21 shots left (between the current pack and the two unused packs), and I'm hoping to take advantage of tomorrow's ample sunlight to get some better shots. The color is supposed to be better in such conditions.

Regardless, I love that The Impossible Project was successful in producing this new stock, and I can't wait to see what improvements they make in the future.