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5 years

So yesterday was pretty busy. I spent half my day puzzling over a PL/SQL issue at work, then I had my finance class in the evening which pretty much drained my brain of any remaining useful cognition. It seems, however, that I missed something. A milestone, if that really means anything around here. Yesterday, July 19th, marked 5 years since my first post on this website.

In May of 2008 I hit 1000 posts after what was probably the most concentrated period of blogging this site has ever seen, but in the 2+ years since that time I've only managed another 541 posts (including this one) and I'm now barely posting more than monthly. Truth be told, prime blogging time for me used to be at the office. But as my responsibilities and workload have continued to ramp-up and I've gone back to school (in the past year), my chances to sit down and find interesting content, let alone create any, have greatly diminished.

My readership, too, has dwindled. Most of my daily hits come from indexing services, and even those folks who I can tell are real people check infrequently. I'm sure there's a fairly direct relationship to my posting rate, of course.

I'm still here, though. No more vacuous promises of a design change or coding adventures or whatever. Just the occasional photo that I took or random question/opinion/review/what-have-you.

That's that, I suppose.