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polaroid sx-70 camera

I've been sitting on this find for quite a while and today I think it's time to show everybody.

I inherited this nearly-perfect-conditio Polaroid SX-70 from Valerie's late grandfather. It appears he received this beauty as a birthday gift back in 1973.

I ordered some of the completely new film stock from The Impossible Project last Friday (3/25) when it went on sale and recieved my two packs today. I'll be honest - the first pack didn't go so well. I chalk it up to being a total novice using this type of camera, but essentially I grasp how long the shutter was open in the given lighting conditions and ended up with several shots of nothing.

I'll scan the closest thing I have to a success - and some of the interesting failures - when I get a chance this evening.

I have one more pack, too, and I think I have the hang of this thing, so hopefully I'll have some more to share over the weekend.