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Happy Thanksgiving!

me and the mamiya c3 camera

Today, on Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that my wife's late father was into photography.

When I started dating the woman that is now my wife her father was already inaccessible, in the late stages of a rare disorder that would take him during our last year in college. I never really got to meet the man who would have been my father-in-law.

He did, however, leave behind a wealth of well-kept camera gear largely from the 1960s. My wife used his old 1967 Nikon F in college, and eventually gave it to me as my wedding present in 2004. She knew I was taking an interest in photography and taught me to use her father's camera.

Today, while digging around my mother-in-law's garage for a prop to use in tomorrow's photo, I stumbled upon a gold mine. An early 60's Mamiya C3 TLR medium format camera. It's in almost perfect shape, and included a pistol grip, mirror finder, hood, yellow filter, and UV filter. For this shot I put the mirror finder on in place of the waist-level finder and attached the hood and grip. Everything seems to work just fine, and I plan to run a test roll through when I get home on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!