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Hayashi Sushi replaces Akida in the West End

So it seems as if Akida's West End location as been replaced by Hayashi Sushi.

I'm a big fan of Akida on Robinson St. in The Fan, but despite its superior ambiance, I always thought the West End location (conveniently close to my office) edged them out on the preparation/flavor front. So what I'm left to wonder is whether a) the West End Akida couldn't stay open, b) the operators of that location bought out the location, or c) something else I'm not considering happened.

Richmond Biz Sense reported the business license for Hayashi on 6/11, and the earliest review online that I can see is from July 17th. Oh yeah, and so far no website to be found.

Anybody know what happened? Anybody been to Hayashi? I may have to go there next week to give it a shot.