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Peu Ideal

camper peu ideal multi-tan

I'm breaking in my first pair of shoes from Camper, a Spanish shoe company that traces its roots back three generations to 1877. Normally I'd pass on shoes from this brand because of the price, but I caught the last pair in my size on clearance from My verdict on the Camper Peu Ideal in aged leather? So far, so awesome.

There are two things that I really dig about these kicks. First, the shape of the upper is fairly close to that of the foot itself, so i feel like these shoes fit just right on day one without the need to break them in. I can't imagine how comfy these things will be after a few weeks of heavy wear. Additionally, each shoe has a single elastic lace. This means that technically I can slip these on/off (though I usually have to pop the lace out of the top eyelet to put the shoes on) but, more than anything, it enhances the fit and comfort because the shoe is never too tight on the top of my foot while it stays in place.