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Valerie and I went on a little date night last night and, at her request, watched earth at the movie theater. This G-rated US release of the 2007 BBC documentary was geared toward children, but I'd wager 75% of those in attendance were adults.

I fell asleep about two-thirds in.

It's not that I hate nature or children's films, but if you're familiar with the brilliant Planet Earth series, you'll experience deja vu. That's because much of the footage in the feature is re-cut from the television program. It's gorgeous footage, of course, but I've seen most of it before. My guess is that that show is probably a bit too gritty for little kids, so a sanitized, 90-minute version was produced for the big screen. Wrap it all up in some soothing narration from James Earl Jones (or Patrick Stewart in the UK) and you're all set...if you're a child. For me, well, I'm only glad I wasn't snoring when I dozed off in the theater.


Oh yeah, side note - I wonder whether James Earl Jones could've gotten away with narrating a kid's movie after the Star Wars movies. I could just picture some little tykes freaking out in their seats as soon as Darth Vader starts talking about cute, fuzzy animals.