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Embeddable Slide Shows From Flickr

Maybe this is totally old news, but I just discovered that you can embed photo slide shows from Flickr on any web page. When you're viewing a slide show on the Flickr website, there's a "Share" link in the top right corner (if you only see the picture, move the mouse a touch, and you'll see the controls). After clicking "Share" you can either directly copy the link or embed code, or you can choose to customize the HTML which essentially allows you to customize the slide show size, like this:

And there you have a quick and easy Flash-based photo slide show with a fairly clean and useful interface. I know it's not quite the customized solution that some professional photographers want for their own sites, but Flickr's tool is free and looks pretty nice, too. Great for starting out, or at the least for most other circumstances where a Flash-based slide show is desired. And because you can create a slide show from nearly any collection of photos on Flickr (search results, sets, pools, etc.), I think it's pretty flexible.