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Stream of Consciousness

Regular readers of this site may have noticed that I've been a bit thin on content lately. Part of that is because the last two rolls of film I developed weren't exactly successful (though I hope the slide film I pick up today is a different story), and certainly photography-related posts have become a staple around here.

A bigger reason, however, is that I've simply not had a lot to say lately. I doubt that I'm bumping up against the limits of my blogging. It's just that there haven't been a whole lot of primary sources of input for me lately. It's much less desirable for me, these days, to re-post something I've seen elsewhere (unless it's REALLY good), and even in that department I've lately run thin because I'm in a rut as far as my daily web reads are concerned (maybe that's a good thing considering my real life reads have increased at least a little bit). I suppose if I took some time to read some articles I'd at least be able to write some sort of response or rendered opinion.

But really, if I had to choose one main reason for my lack of insight, humor, or what-have-you around these digital parts is that I'm under a bit of stress these days, both good and bad, and I've only recently begun to realize how that's affecting my mood, attention span, and enthusiasm for outside stimuli. I've recently transitioned to a new church, I'm waiting on graduate school details, I have to do my taxes, blah blah blah blah blah.

I can just sum it up by saying I'm a bit distracted these days.

The grand irony, of course, is that such circumstances have, in this post, generated one of the longer pieces of writing I've posted in quite some time. That's probably more a result my long-winded writing style (when unfocused, as here and now) than really having anything to say. I also can't help but think that I'm likely to find a host of small and trivial things to post over the next day now that I've made such a statement. I often find that my later actions contradict my earlier words, but I'm certainly not going to hold back sharing something funny or interesting should I come across any.

Whatevs...that's all for now.