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Christmas Awesomeness

Okay, so I know the point of Christmas is a celebration of God's Son coming to us, but I can't help spilling some sweet details of Christmas gift giving between Val and I.

First, Valerie gave me Aperture 2, Apple's professional photo-editing software. I'm only scratching the surface so far, but I plan to learn a lot more over the coming week as time permits.

Second...well, it's not so much what the gift IS that I gave Valerie as how I obtained it. I managed to procure a Wii Fit, but I initially had the hardest time finding one that wasn't jacked up to almost 200% of the retail price. Then I discovered that on Amazon you can enter your cell phone number to receive a text message when the item is available. Sure enough, three weeks ago I received a text message informing me that they had some inventory and I was able to land the item with no markup and Amazon's sweet Super Saving Shipping. Score another point for innovation!