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For This Reason

Today is the fourth anniversary of my marriage to Valerie, and sure, there will be celebrating, gift giving, et cetera. We're even heading out of town Saturday through Wednesday to get away on a nice little romantic trip.

But now, on this day, I reflect more on the idea that I made a choice before God and man to be with this woman as long as we both shall live. There are still too many days where the gravity of such a choice fails to sink in completely, but even when it does, I'm not frightened. I can say, honestly, that I'd make the same decision over again any time, any place. Here is a woman I trust, desire, and for whom I care more than any other. Here is a woman who treats me better than I deserve, loves me more than I can return, and forgives me more than I understand.

Bachelorhood is overrated :-)