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RedScale Film

Wikipedia tells us that redscale " the name given to a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side..." This process results in a red/orange cast to the developed photographs. Check out this sweet example from Flickr user xiao shan:


The typical process, in the past, involved spooling film backwards and was seriously inconsistent and tricky to accomplish. So the folks over at Lomography have created a pre-loaded-reversed film that they sell for what appears to be $15 for a three pack of 36 exposure rolls, and they call it RedScale, of course.

I think the idea is neat, but I imagine you can simply use filters in most cases to achieve the same effect. And certainly you get better mileage out of a $30 filter than $5/roll. Besides, with a filter, you could use any format or speed of film you choose. Additionally, if you're the type of film photographer that's okay with computer post-processing, adding this look is easy enough in iPhoto, let alone Photoshop. So while I'm glad to see anybody further the world of film, it's hard to see this as any more than a gimmick on par with pre-cubed cheese.