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Mad Men - Season One

Tonight Valerie and I finished watching Mad Men - Season One thanks to Netflix. As usual, I'm late to the party, but this series is incredible.

With a setup that pulls few punches, we see a cast of nearly unsympathetic characters who, episode after episode, leave me feeling a little hopeless. This doesn't mean the people aren't engaging. Whether it's the acting alone or the window into romanticized 60's culture, I can't help but find myself riveted by Don Draper's shadowy past or Pete Campbell's vaulting ambition.

We watched the first episode of season two on Hulu this evening, and now we're trying to figure out a legitimate place to find episode two (three through the present are available from Comcast's On Demand service, so that's easy enough). And just when I thought I'd be able to start watching fewer programs...