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Blogging the Class: Week 10

Hey hey hey, last week of the class, and only two of us show up other than the teacher. And there was no developer anywhere to be found. So no darkroom time. Instead, we'll get vouchers (if the dude remembers) for one free week of the open darkroom during the fall session. What, then, did we do? The three of us took a stroll around The Fan and I finished up my roll of 6x6 Delta 3200. And that was pretty much that...class over.

Okay, so the dude was a pretty dead-beat teacher. I think anyone reading this already has that impression, but whatever his teaching skills, he's still an artistic photographer and filmmaker, so I want to check out his work at First Fridays Artwalk on September 5th. I can't let his lack of instruction prevent me from seeing his art, and I'd encourage anybody who's reading this in Richmond to do the same.

Certainly my own interest in photography (and film photography specifically) hasn't waned over the last ten weeks. I can still look forward to the spring, when I intend to take an intermediate class - hopefully with Valerie. It's my intention to start processing my own B&W film later this year, and if things work out for Christmas I'll even get a decent film scanner. All of that combined ought to keep me crankin' out negatives for quite some time.

That's pretty much all there is to say about that.