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Blogging the Class: Week 7

I'm starting to sense a pattern in this, the latter half of my photography class. Darkroom, darkroom, and more darkroom, with little in the form of instruction. I'll not repeat what I've said the past two weeks, so here's what I did tonight:

I focused on trying to get the best out of one particular image. I took my recently posted duck photograph and made three prints, two of which involved the technique of burning. Burning involves using a piece of opaque material (cardboard in my case) with a small hole cut out, moved around over the photo paper to expose only a desired portion of the image. On one image, for example, I exposed the whole image for 38 seconds with the aperture on the enlarger set to f11. Then I burned in the body of the duck for an additional 25 seconds in an attempt to coax more detail out of the feathers.

After all that, I think I have my first image worth putting in a frame :-)

Anyway, still no assignment (now three weeks in a row), so I'll try to finish up my self-imposed experiment of photographing total strangers looking at or toward the camera.