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Debts to Society

Today I was thinking about our national debt in the United States, as of this entry estimated at about $9.3 TRILLION, or nearly $31,000 per person. This got me wondering whether other industrialized nations suffered from similar financial problems. So I did what any nerd with an internet connection would do, and researched my quandary on the Internet. Here's what I found:

France has a debt as of this writing well over 1.2 trillion Euros, which is close to $2 trillion, and considering their population this is nearly $30,000 per person.

The UK, in a 2006 estimate, is around 1.3 trillion Pounds, or $2.6 trillion. That's a hefty $43,000 per person.

Sweden, on the other hand, reported today that it expects a surplus this year of 163 billion Swedish Crowns, or $27.4 billion. They're expecting their total national debt to fall to around 933 billion crowns by the end of 2009, or a little more than $17,000 per person.