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The Ha-Ha-Happening

Oh boy, where do I start?

The only reason I went to see Shyamalan's waste of celluloid, The Happening, was because Val really wanted to see it, and wanted me along for the ride so she'd have an arm or knee to grab if it was frightening. I was glad to go out for the night with my wife, but WOW! was this movie horrible. The script, the acting (I hope just from bad direction), the direction, and worst of all the story were all third rate. I really can't tear apart the details any better than Christopher Orr over at The New Republic, so check out his review for a thorough take-down of The Hapless. I mean Happening.

This past weekend Val's mom showed us some old high school report cards from her husband which she dug up in the basement. The cause for interest was the grading scale - widely different from today's typical American report cards. The letters ranged from "A" through "G" and every letter in between, with "A" as outstanding, "B" as excellent, et cetera.

I give this R-rated feature a "G," for BAD FAILURE.