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Blogging the Class: Week 4

Tonight was fairly simple in structure, so this blog post will be light on content compared to past weeks.

We started off each thumbing through several of our teacher's photography books and choosing several which stood out to us. We then described why the photos caught our attention before Christopher expounded a bit on the photographers we examined. Then it was into the dark room for the majority of the evening to focus on improving our print making. More test strips, contact sheets, printing, developing, et cetera. I feel like I got two solid prints out of the a little dark, the other fantastic. You'll have to wait 'till I get them scanned before seeing what they are, so stay tuned :-)

This week's assignment is fairly simple to describe, but should afford wide artistic latitude: We're to shoot at least one roll, focusing as much as possible on line. I hope to capture some examples of concrete and implicit line. I think a challenge, for me, will be to capture line without all my photos turning out geometric. That could be fun, but it could also be the easy way out.

We'll see. Until then, the shooting continues!