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(Can't) Get Firefox

So today is "Download Firefox Day," wherein Mozilla intends to set a certified Guinness World Record for the most downloads of a single software program in one day to celebrate the release of Firefox 3. I wanted to participate. I'm an internerd, and besides, I use Firefox on my work computer. Too bad I can't actually download it, as of this writing, since it appears and (which redirects to anyway, I think) are criz-ashed.

I'm sure everything will be up and fixed soon, but you'd think if you were purposely trying to attract as many visitors and downloaders as possible, your servers would be prepared.

UPDATE: Looks like they're taking care of things, but they put their pages back up too soon. The Firefox 3 download page provides links for downloading Firefox 2. Way to go.

UPDATE 2 (3:10 pm , EDT): I'm finally able to download the right version of the file. Hopefully it's worth the hassle.