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Mind set to one track.

I'm going to be very distracted today from about 1pm until 2:30 (my guess) because Steve Jobs will be delivering the keynote speech to the 2008 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

What I'm hoping for? An iPhone with 32 Gb of storage so I can replace my phone and iPod in one fell swoop (and one slimmer device!). I'm pretty sure there will be some other amazing announcements (like some of the applications for the iPhone, or perhaps some updated machines?), but my Windows Mobile smartphone is getting a little long-in-the-tooth.

UPDATE: Okay, so no 32 GB iPhone yet. But the 16 GB phone is going to be $299, so that's a tough call. I've been thinking a lot today about how I could probably do without a lot of the music on my iPod now which makes up the ~16 gigs occupied. Of course, adding new apps to the phone takes up space, and this would be my first "iPod" that could also hold movies. Decisions, decisions...