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Hyped up, smacked down.

I'm a HUGE fan of the band Genesis.

Well, sort of. I'm a huge fan of the band Genesis when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. I don't hate Phil Collins - I actually like his singing, and his drumming is incredible. I simply prefer the more "prog rock" style when Gabriel was singing lead (and Steve Hackett was still playing guitar).

I was obviously excited, then, when Mugs called me on the phone a short time ago to inform me about a Genesis reunion tour that's in progress - until I researched it a little bit. It turns out that Peter Gabriel couldn't join them because he's finishing up a new album (!)...but there's still hope, as there have been talks recently between the former band mates of touring with a full performance of 1974's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. HOLY CRAP. I think I'd pay $100 for a ticket to that show.

But until that materializes, I think I'll just have to listen to "Dancing With the Moonlight Knight" to satiate my need for that sweet classic (really classic) Genesis sound.