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Talladega Nights

Valerie picked Talladega Nights for her Netflix queue, and tonight we watched it. Or, well, I did while she snoozed. That happens a lot - even with movies she likes.

I give this flick, co-written, co-produced, and starring Will Ferrell, 3 stars out of 5. The acting was alright, the humor, as my buddy Dave indicated, was limited mostly to what you saw in the commercials. The story was light, the cameos were gratuitous, and the film-making was amazing.

I was floored, actually, to finally see a major studio release a comedy that I felt contained excellent directing, photography, and editing. Full letterbox, well-composed shots, gorgeous color, and fantastic cuts that made portions of NASCAR racing exciting even to me, if only for those abbreviated scenes.

The film-making, I'd say, actually saved this movie from a crappy 2. Good show, Andy McKay.