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Alchemist Lux

I just got a new pair of kicks in the mail today - the Alchemist Lux by Medium Design Group.
Alchemist Lux in Kelp
Very nice pair of shoes - the attention to detail is incredible, inside and out. You can actually find a better visual overview at Zappos, but I have to say that these look even better in person. From the deep brown leather accents to the high-contrast yellow stitching, these are excellent footwear.

Yes, I know this is out of place for me, seemingly, but ever since I went to Italy I never saw shoes the same way. Even the aging middle-class "every-man" wears cooler shoes than Americans do. Does this mean I need to wear cool shoes? Certainly not. But I've certainly come to like them - and not for vanity (I doubt the coolest of treads would bolster my social standing even if I wanted them to), rather a growing appreciation for the well designed.