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Sushi again!

Today I decided that I wanted sushi for lunch. Now I've eaten sushi before, but only once, and at a dedicated sushi restaurant. Today I was at Ukrop's - the Richmond area super market chain.

I really wanted something with tuna, because I know I like that raw. I was hoping to try something with avocado since I'd only barely tasted some with a piece of Dave's sushi the first time I went down this road. There were only a few that had avocado, but every piece had it so I decided against it in case I didn't like it. As for the tuna...well...the closest I got was half tuna, half salmon. I grabbed my chopsticks and a little cup for my soy sauce, and went to pay and eat.

Halfway through, I realized...there was not enough soy sauce. There were no more packets when I grabbed my food, so I had to deal with the single, undersized packet I had. I pretty much ran out after about two thirds of my food. No big deal, I thought, and I plugged on.

A plain tuna roll is pretty freakin' bland without soy sauce.

For realz. I still want to have sushi again. In fact, I may grab some this evening. But wow, I'm gonna make sure I have plenty of soy sauce this time.