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Okay, so an update on the last post is in order.

My review ran to about an hour, rather than the half hour for which it was scheduled. This was a good thing.

I have a great boss, and with that the ability to be very open with him about my job satisfaction and career. Aside from receiving a very positive annual appraisal from him and several coworkers, it was suggested that I try for a promotion this coming year. That means a year from today, should I complete the necessary milestones, I could be a Senior Programmer/Analyst. Hopefully, throughout this year ahead I'll work on more analytical tasks coupled with some documentation. We'll see.

Additionally, I was able to speak with my boss about my future in the company. I told him of my desire to start some freelance work on the side. I told him about my difficulties liking my current job responsibilities. He listened, he encouraged. Ultimately, I was reminded why I like so much to work with my team and my manager.

I think I'll be alright for another year :-)