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Ask Dan #8

Q: What is the mysterious “hard place” alluded to in one of the overused, overpopular[sic], absolutely nauseating phrase “caught between a rock and a hard place”?

A: I'll ignore the fact the Mugs is making a big deal out of a phrase whose meaning is understood and significance is minimal, and instead attempt to approximate an answer.

I think one might naturally assume that "a hard place" is perhaps another rock, or even a cliff face. How else would you come to be caught 'twixt a rock and a hard place unless a rock fell behind you while examining the boulder in front? And you know what? This brings up a more important question and/or line of thought...How did you get caught between said rock and hard place? I assume nobody dropped you between them from a helicopter. Isn't it really your own fault that you're there? I mean, if you hadn't gone the wrong way in the first place, perhaps you wouldn't have come face to face with a rock wall, pondering its vastness in a dull stupor, only to have a car-sized lith plop down at your back.

In other words, extending the metaphor, didn't you get yourself into this situation?

Do you like that? How I finished up "Ask Dan" with a question?

Anyway, that's it for this week. Post your questions for next week in the comments section, and I'll answer next Friday!