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The Company Stooge

I was in Target yesterday shopping for a Christmas gift for my Mother-in-law when I approached the Electronics section. There he was - a tall, nerdy looking gentleman speaking enthusiastically to some would-be customers by the Microsoft Zune kiosk.

As I neared the fellow, I could hear him extolling the virtues of the little would-be iPod competitor. Why on earth would somebody be so excited about this device which has received so many lukewarm reviews by periodicals and consumers alike?

The camera tightens on a badge dangling from the guy's neck beside an "XBOX" logo on his shirt, and we see Microsoft employee credentials.

There it is. A paid, card-carrying MS stooge hawking sub-standard electronics to unsuspecting shoppers on the basis of what you can do with the Zune "when it gets popular." This man was on the premises from 10 am to 6 pm every day until Christmas, sanctioned by Target, to promote MS' non-software wares - the Zune and XBOX.

Blech. Just what I need at my big-box retail chain...a salesman.