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Zicam, how I hate thee.

Imagine you had a Starburst candy. You unwrap it and are greeted by the faint aroma of strawberry, so you toss the chewy morsel 'twixt your choppers and start gnawing.

Then you remember that it's not Starburst, but Zicam, masquerading as strawberry candy until the fifth stroke of your jaw, whereupon you realize that the "candy" is a starchy, chalky paste which threatens to coat the entirety of your mouth's interior with it's unholy textured homeopathy.

Ack! I need to wash this foulness out of my mouth. But WAIT! I can't drink anything for fifteen minutes - thirty if it's citrus! No matter, I'll just eat somthi -- nope. Can't eat anything for fifteen minutes either. Drat.

I'll just have to stick it out for a little bit.

And repeat every three hours.