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Ask Dan #1

After a fun and humorous discussion with Patrick and Chris B., I decided that I'm going to start a "column" on my site called "Ask Dan."

This originated because of my apparent ability to talk about any subject. What a lot of people don't know (but my friends are aware of completely) is that I'm not really that intelligent. I'm just good at SOUNDING like I know what I'm talking about. Speaking with authority, if you will. A major B.S. artist, if you won't.

What Patrick, Chris, and I came up with was a question/answer feature for a site, and I decided to test it right here. If it stays here, fine. If, by some strange chance it got bigger, I'd make a new site. But I'm guessing the trickle of questions from my loyal four readers will keep it down to a weekly (or monthly) occurrence.

So here's how it'll work. I'll post a stub like this calling for folks to submit questions. I'll pick a question to answer, no matter how odd or serious, personal, or general. Or Ploafmaster General. My answer, however, will be completely serious and (pseudo)informative. That's really all the structure I have so far.

Alright then - post your questions in the comments, and check back on Friday for an answer!