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It's...well...soon to be gettin' "Hot In Herre" or, "A Tale of Two Heat Pumps"

So yesterday, Val and I found out we will in fact be able to get our new heating system!!!!

On Monday, November 13th, Goodman Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will arrive at our house to begin installation work. We'll be getting a two zone heat pump system with a 2 ton, 14 SEER Trane on for the first floor, and a 2.5 ton, 15 SEER Trane for the second. Both floors will utilize variable-speed air handlers, which should help the efficiency of the system even more. AND...he's throwing in two touch-screen thermostats for the same price as the regular programmable ones :-) Thanksgiving, Val and I should have some ductwork, heat, AC for the summer, and 9 useless radiators!